Monday, November 25, 2013

Another Birthday

Ugh....Haven't been here in a while. How are my Silent Readers? Good? Bad? Neutral? K.


Hi again. Had yet another long hiatus but, as you can see I'm back. I've done a lot of things and grown a lot since I been here last.

I've been very active on Tumblr. (Username's Awesomeiness by the way.)
I've been active on Indie Games.
I'm still in school.
I've finally gotten Netflix!
I've watched: Supernatural, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Star Trek: The Original Series, and Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor. (Matt Smith and David Tennat in the same episode. I know!)
It's almost Thanksgivingka. (look it up)

Bye! Skipping school tomorrow. It's my b-day. Yep. bai. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Lot of Girls Can Relate to This One

So, I'm back... AGAIN. And on another bad note.

Today I decided to go through my unread emails and I saw a reply to a comment a wrote to someone about a week ago.

This is the conversation:

Why isn't this game for pc?! <---RavennaRoso's comment.
  • Jorgen297
    Are you trolling? Well your name looks like a girl name (NO OFFENSE), so I'll just guess you don't have too much knowledge about the "topic". In one sense you are right, the PS3 is still a better gaming machine than most laptops out there, if that's what you meant. However, a gaming PC is a way stronger "console" than the PS3, and it would have no problems running this game. If someone bothered to make a good emulator, new gamer PCs could probably emulate a PS3 playing this game even.
    · in reply to Simone forbooks
Simone forbooks
Fuck you.
Just because I'm a GIRL doesn't mean a fucking thing asshole. That's what I thought and you have NO right to determine my knowledge of anything because of my sex.
It's people like you that need to check them-selves. A lot of people don't take kindly to that shit.
Maybe YOU need to look up this said "topic" and find out for yourself.

So YEAH. Sexism. It gets to me.


I don't like when boys are like:

"Stay in the Kitchen!!"
"Girls don't know shit when it comes to video games."
"The Male is the Alpha sex because of strength, and intelligence."


1. I can't cook or clean or fold clothes worth shit.
2. I can kick ass in an FPS lobby. And there are loads of GirlGamers out there!
3. (And this is my favorite one.) Girls tend to have higher test scores in some schools and some very talented girls can take on wrestlers and thugs when their life is in danger.

So can you knock it off?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Diabetes and Tornados

So my dad has acute diabetes....
Its serious.
And his life will change forever.
And since it runs in the family,
My brother and I will get it no matter what.
But we can prolong it.
We can fight it!
By exercising daily and eating in moderation we can beat this together. 

I am still not ready to except that my dad might die before I have kids. I mean, he seems sooooo like himself. He doesn't seem sick. But its true. And yeah. It does run in the family. So my little bro and I will get it. But if we do the things that dad has to do, we could have it only at 80.......

On a weirder and equally scary note:

Like a real full blown tornado near Laurel county touched down this afternoon. It is moving up east. And the clouds are still moving in....
I guess its a chance that the end of the year Girl Scout field is a no go. :(
Yeah I was meaning to tell you silent few that I was going to NYC tommorow! :)But with my tornado warnings and their flood warnings.....
That might not happen. 

So to all of you who lives in Maryland, New York, or anywhere that is have natural disasters a-brewin'. Stay safe and Stay strong.


Does anyone know any one with diabetes or have diabetes that can me find more about this? Or can anyone tell me some donation sites I can donate to for diabetes?
It's funny how people don't care usually unless it's about them.
Heh. Sorry.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Busy Bees and Track and Field

Well hello my lovely silent readers!!

So I have been a very busy bee recently! And I was trying to update.....
So...Yeah. Anyway on a cooler note! I started TRACK!!
No. I'm not Mr. Bolt here. I usually come in last place I am forced to continue by my father. HELP ME!!!! Forget that I said that.......
I am also a student with TONS of homework and an aspiring author who discovered a website called WattPad. So...Yeah.

- Your Blogger/Track Slave 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bullies. It's Time to Talk

Have you ever been bullied?

I guess that was a stupid question. Everyone in there life have been bullied. At least with a life as long as 7 years. If its teachers pointing out all of your flaws or that classic school or neighborhood bully that stole you bike. Even those "mean" girls who tease you and rank you on your appearance or you hair.

Your'e told to not give a crap about them and go on with you life. And you do. You find some friends, get a crush, or love a subject.......

But at times it gets really hard to ignore them. 

Let me give you an example:
Lets say a young naive eight year old just finished the summer before the 4th grade. And lets say this 8 year old's parents happened to think private school tuition was gettin' a little cray-cray, so they moved and put her in a public school walking distance to their house. This 8 year old was new to the world of the 'public'. Cursing and harsh judgement rained down on her already small spirit. She became a total , how I like to say, "booknerd" and without any guidance was thrown into a cyclone of stuff. But eventually she found that friend that she would soon come to call her best friend in her exact class sitting right next to her. They became stuck to the hip and only a had one fight that none of them could remember what it was about. She also found her role model, THE Ms. Jessica Shirey. She was your classic 'favorite teacher'. She made this eight year old feel like a star! But in the 5th grade things changed. People decided to get really mean to others and the Board of Education thought it would be best to make Ms. Shirey a 2nd grade teacher. So the now nine year old girl was again pushed into newness. Her best-est friend in another class, her parents repeatedly bickered, and the girls in her class were total clique material. This nine year old learned to fight back and cursed a lot on the playground. She got into two fights and back sassed a government official. Needless to say this nine year old was becoming a down right bad-ass. 

Fast Forward to 2013!
This now 12 year old in the 7th grade has came home crying softly into her mother's pillow. There was an incident on the bus. Some ,excuse my French but I need to get this out, freakin' Bitches wouldn't move their asses.This got me the 12 year old PISSED!
She became her nine year old self for about an hour to not bawl in front of these greedy and (Vocab. Word!) sinister children. She walked home and cried entered the house and cried some more while question people and life. Her mom called and made her explain everything. after they hung up she got a splitting head-ache and lied down while eating some ice cream (once in a month comfort food). Then she fell asleep and was awaken by her father who asked what happen after 30 minutes. She explain what happened breaking down in the process and told him exactly what she said and her father thought on it. "You did the right thing of speaking your mind and not lettin' them see you cried. But you do have a much more advanced vocabluary. Your parents, like the rest of their parents, has to pay to get on the bus and they should of moved their asses. You should of told the bus driver because that is his job." her father said. "I don't want to be a snitch dad." says the girl. "This is differnet. You have all the rights to push their stuff on the ground and sit there for the rest of the ride." he replies. She is now typing this blog when she should be completing her homework. She learned something today. And hopes you learned something too.

Think About the Good Things.
Depression kills. Bullying creates the most depression upon kids for more than 2 centuries. I think about how I need to be own a TV show or a Brodway production. How when I ge the courage, tell the boy I like that I put the Valentine in his locker, and when I will finally post a video on YouTube after being a member for about 2 years. Amanda Todd, the gay kid who was tormented by his dorm mate,the kids at Sandy Hook, and millions of other poor souls all died because someone wouldn't speak up or found better things to foucused on. I don't want to see on the evening news that someone I knew or anyone at all died of suicide or murder or an accident. Especially children.

Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello blog readers!
I'm back after a long and well-deserved vacation!

Actually I was just procrastinating. Well I hope all of you that celebrate Christmas had an awesome one! And as well as the other religious or National Holiday(ers)? As for the Atheists.....I don't know what you guys did. I don't care for your beliefs at the moment because I got all of you a present! I will tell you more about me, so I won't be too anonymous! My name is Nia! Weird right?
I'm in the 7th grade,I live in Maryland, I am really bad at Spanish, I suck at spelling, and I would love to be an author someday. I don't really watch sports (Hah, I can see the viewer status bar go down already.), I love to sing but am embarrassed about it! I would love to someday be on a TBS show, but those chances are unlikely.....  No! MUST!! STAY!!! POSITIVE!!!! So yeah that is somethings about me!

It's 2013 Baby!

So it's finally 2013 and I still need to get used to writing '13 on the date. I feel that this year is the year! But I also said that last year. And the year after that. So maybe not. Well anyway I hope that you all had a really great year last year and I hope you all have a even more awesome one this year!

What do you guys think about Boarding School?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today is a normal rainy day in a place in America. I am bored so I decided to go and type a new post. I am going to school, filled with annoying people. *sigh*.

Anyway, I had an OK birthday. If you count getting sick on your birthday great. I did get good gifts. I will probably put up a video about
my gifts this afternoon after school. But if I don't I will just tell you. (1) A new phone that I am making this post from, (2) Various gift cards, and(3) The Hobbit. If you don't know what the Hobbit is, it is a creative fansty story with drawves and dragons and little hairy people.

Oh well, I didn't have to go to school because I was "under the weather" I didn't have to go to school. Yay! But I Do now. :(

So don't forget to comment and follow!

~Thank You